Ilyse and Garrett // Inn of the 7th Ray

At their core, Ilyse and Garrett are kind. They had a wedding in Malibu and Topenga Canyon that reflected their personalities which is comfortable and creative. I love photographing weddings in Malibu and the surrounding area. In the mountains and more rural areas, it is quirky and surrounded by nature. The morning was very relaxed while getting ready at a small compound of airstreams found on air bnb. The outdoors and vistas all around was so calming and it was such a pleasure to see their moms hanging out and chatting like old friends. The Inn of the 7th Ray has this great little spot for taking photos down below the restaurant, and doing the family photos down there was wonderful because I was able to capture so many candids of the family while also doing the formal posed photos at the same time. I love the whimsical and romantic feeling of the Inn as it breaths nature all around the venue. Ilyse made all her own invitations and table decor, which is no small task and showed her excitement for her wedding and how much she really loves Garrett.