Family Session

When both the photographer and family are on the same page as far as photographic style, family sessions can be such a blast and so rewarding. I have never considered myself a "portrait" photographer --  I'm more about wanting to capture the human nature of people and not afraid to show their idiosyncrasies. After all, that's the charm of photographing people. Kids do not like sitting still and why should they? They have so much more to offer than just a "nice" smile. They have energy! They have spunk! Rather than trying to bribe the kids to sit still, I like to just let them run around and do their thang and have them be remembered that way.  It's ok if not everyone is looking at the camera at the same time, because what's more important is that a moment is being captured. And it's also ok to have more than one family photo. To capture a moment and story usually takes several photographs and that's what I'm after: capturing a story. I photographed Pasque and Joe's wedding a couple years ago at this same barn and so when their family grew by +1, they wanted to go back to the farm to get family photos taken. All of Pasque's siblings and families came along to have some photos taken as well. This was such a fun time!