NYC Travel Photos

A couple weeks ago I was in NYC! Here's a couple photos from my adventures with Gunnar. Story telling travel photography is something that I really want to become a lot better at. I still have not found the right camera/lens for travel photography. I insist on using my primes when photographing people, weddings, etc, but I'm not a fan of using primes when it comes to travel photography -- I just need more range than what my primes offer. The 24-70mm works very well for travel, but it is very heavy and extremely cumbersome. I dislike carrying around my professional camera around as a tourist because it draws too much attention and scares the hell out of people. I thought about buying the Canon G12 camera since it is so much smaller and pretty much has everything I could want in a travel camera, but I haven't made the jump yet. Or perhaps I will just use my iPhone from now on! If any photographers out there have a travel camera that they love, let me know!