South Africa Part One

Finally I've gotten around to blog my South Africa photos! I was there for the entire month of April and when I got back, my wedding season started the very next week.  I wrote a little bit about the experience when I first got back here. Over the last couple of days during the holiday, I took the time to go through all of them and I will be showing my photos in 5 separate posts over the next week. I categorized them by geography. Since I was there for so long I was able to see a lot of the country and one blog post just wouldn't have been enough! When we first arrived, we explored Capetown which is a must go-to city when traveling South Africa. The Dutch were the ones to colonize South Africa, so there is a lot of Dutch influence in the architecture and language Afrikaans.  I made sure to pack our days full with exciting activities! We climbed Table Mountain which was definitely a highlight! One of the other highlights of Capetown was a test shoot I did. If you haven't see it yet, check it out here. For my travel/personal photos, I like to process them a little darker, grittier and a little more muted in color than my client work, so if you notice that some of my photos look a little different than normal, that is why!