South Africa Part Two

One of the things that was important to me while in Capetown was to visit a Township. There are 11 total and the biggest one in Capetown is Khayelitsha and that is approaching around 2.5 million people and is growing everyday. While we were there, South Africa celebrated their 19th year of the apartheid being over. During the apartheid, black south Africans were evicted from the neighborhoods where they lived in Capetown and shipped around 20 miles out of town, thus earning the name, "township." Progress has definitely been made, but with so many people living in poverty combined with many lingering social and economic issues, there are many challenges facing South Africa .  I wanted to do more than just a day tour, so I planned for us to stay overnight at this place called Vicky's Bed and Breakfast. Going into a township can be quite dangerous since there are not enough police to patrol the sprawling communities. The only reason Vicki and her family are able to run their business and reassure their guests' safety is through the support of the tight knit community. It ended up being a really incredible experience to see how people in the townships live and to see what kind of modern advances there are. As you will notice, all the structures are very informal with corrugated tin and other scrap metal, however a lot of the shacks had Tv's with satellite dishes and almost everybody had a blackberry. I tried to take as many pictures of as many people as possible for the purpose of getting 4x6s made and mailing them to Vicki to give to them. These people have their photos taken all day long and yet they have no photos of themselves. If I was really smart, I would have brought my instax polaroid camera!