My first Video!

A couple weeks ago, I took a group of models, my friend Gunnar and Heather and shot my first video! It was a great experience! The story is simple: friends getting together, going up north and hanging out at their cabin. We filmed at Grand Superior Lodge north of Two Harbors. I've had this story and concept on my mind for quite a while, so it was just a matter of pulling it off! It was rather a big production for it being my first attempt with video, but that's how I usually do things! Go big or go home! I also feel especially lucky because my friend Michael Shynes wrote a song for the video! He's such a great lyricist. The only direction I gave him was "something about friends" and this is what he came up with! It was brutally cold that day: -6 degrees the entire day, so I'm super thankful that everyone had a great attitude while doing this! I wanted this video to have the same look and feel as my lifestyle photos which simply put, based around people having fun together and capturing those spontaneous moments. I love capturing imagery that represents the youthful and vibrant spirit of America. I feel pretty good about how I directed it; I didn't want it to have an overly produced look. I wanted it to feel real. The chemistry between the models was amazing, I couldn't have asked for a better group! I can't wait to explore video more and get better at it.

Thanks to:

Michael Shynes: Music

Brian Moen: Music

Daniel Zhu: co-editor

Gunnar Cook: co-filmed with me

Heather Rudloff: assistant/ninja


Arquette Models:

Herschel McPherson

Dionna Meredith

Nicole Nystrom

Andrew Zetah


Ignite Models Emilie Radigan



Equipment used:

5D Mark lll

5D Mark ll

35mm, 50mm, 16-35mm and other various canon primes.