Traveling to Kauai!

I'm so excited to share that I will be traveling to Kauai for the entire month of March! I leave tomorrow and will get back April 2nd! I've been working really hard all winter to get my work done so I can take off. My really great friend Patrick Kelley who is also a photographer is living there teaching photography workshops and invited me to come and stay with him. I could not pass him up on this opportunity! I recently completed my classroom scuba classes and am excited to go diving and doing some underwater photography as well as hiking, camping on the beach, motorcycle rides, surfing (I am clumsy as hell and run into things, break, spill and drop all kinds of stuff, but have always managed to maintain balance standing on a board on moving water. weird)  hanging out at his house, eating fresh fruits, horse back rides and just in general exploring the island. Kauai is called the "Garden Island" and has a range of climates, so I am ready for some serious adventure! My dad lived in Hawaii for a couple of years and has also encouraged me to take this opportunity, so I am unbelievably stoked for this! I am also doing a couple of work related things there which I will discuss later this year. I will have internet access and will be checking email periodically.

Adios yucky nasty brown slushy snow!