Video - Kauai Culture

While I was in Kauai, I was so fascinated by the normal activities that friends do on their days off and knew I wanted to do a video project on it. In their spare time, they hike up to waterfalls, jump in, climb around, swing on vines, drive on dirt roads splashing every puddle and oh, everyone has a machete :) The theme is Girls Adventure Day Out. This island attracts people who are true adventurers at heart.  I am very new to video (this is only my 2nd one) so it was fun to do something new and put myself out of my comfort zone. The more I do video, the more I like it. It definitely overlaps with photography, but it's also a very different animal, so I enjoy the challenge. I want to thank my friend Daniel Zhu for helping me with the editing; Bailey for the use of his Jeep; and Morgan, Helena, Kate and Mari for their rugged awesomeness!  Enjoy!