New Lifestyle Website and Brand launch

I am excited to finally share my new lifestyle brand and website: This was a super long time in the making but it all worked out for the better..I am slowly learning that there is benefit in taking my time and not rushing certain things! Normally I am a fast mover and don't like projects to drag on, but waiting that period of time gave me more opportunity to shoot more stills and video that speak to my overall vision and voice than what I had before. It also gave me time to really sit down and think about how I wanted to present this brand. I originally wanted to launch this site a long time ago, but instead of going with the standard template, I wanted to add in some features that the template didn't have, therefore having to go through a developer and doing the site from scratch. I did not go through a company to do this site, rather a private developer, Chris Sonnemman, so please email me directly to get his contact info. I highly recommend him! I am a firm believer of having professionals on board with any project I do, so Brendan Bathrick, my graphic designer, helped with editing, paginating and design aspects. Without these two my vision definitely could not have come to life!