Sarah and Adam

As each wedding season goes by, I focus more on the photojournalistic and candid aspect and photographing the event and people for what it really is and who they really are because that is the foundation of why I believe in photography. What I really love about photographing weddings is all the unexpected  random candid moments that happen throughout the day that really give the event flavor. There is usually a years worth of work and planning put into each wedding and yet the day of the wedding is so unpredictable. I really put all my efforts into capturing the different personalities that make each wedding unique and come to life. I always feel that weddings that are outdoors and in a more secluded space offer the freedom and inspiration for me to photograph in a more loose and candid way.  When I photograph, I try to be as intentional as I can that tells the story using all 5 senses so the viewer can engage and feel like they were there. I am so grateful to be a part of each event because as I photograph each one, my intention and vision come more to fruition. Enjoy Sarah and Adam!Sarah and Adam, thanks for choosing me! Cheers!