New Years Resolutions

I know I should be waiting a month and a half before writing this post, but the more I think about my goals for next year, the sooner I want to start on them. I pulled out my coffee stained and crumpled "2010 Goals" my huge box of miscellaneous papers with a couple weeks ago, and I'm happy to say that I accomplished most of them including getting published in a reputable magazine and photographing at least 20 weddings, and some others that I won't bore you with. It really is amazing when you write your goals down and realize how much you have accomplished over the last year. But alas, there were some things that I lacked in this year which was blogging I photographed 26 Jennifer Whalen weddings and I only blogged 8 entire stories. (Which I had amazing results from. People really do love to be blogged, and family and friends really appreciate it too)  And I feel Awful Awful Awful about this. I really feel like I missed the boat on this one. I was humbled to be a part of so many very beautiful weddings this year and every bride deserves a blog post. Even though I tried to blog at least one photo from each wedding, that still doesn't have the impact or the story telling that goes with the emotions and mood of a wedding. SO, I'm making it my winter project to blog all those weddings from this past year. I realize that it won't have the same impact as it normally would if I had blogged them 3 days after the wedding, but It's better late than never. I really like to blog and I feel really good when I do it. But the main reason why I think this  is so important to do is because each blogged wedding acts as a digital archive, so years from now, all my brides can show their friends their post. This year I put a lot of emphasis on getting all the editing done and uploading all the hundreds of photos to the online gallery so brides could see all the photos asap, but something had to give, and unfortunately it was the blog post.  I still want to get the proofs to my brides in a very timely manner for 2011, but I don't want to forsake the blog post in order to do it. I don't anticipate my work load to be any smaller for next year, so that is something I need to figure out. SO, in a couple of days, I will be posting one or maybe two weddings each week until I have all of them blogged. Aside from that, I made a list filling the entire page of other (hefty) goals that I have for next year. I'll let you know next year if I accomplished them :)