Kristine and Ryan // Calamingos Ranch Malibu

I decided to only blog the later part of the reception of Ryan and Kristine's Calamingos Ranch wedding in Malibu. Kristine had this great vision for having a Great Gatsby themed wedding, and it was very free spirited! I love Kristine's whimsical light-hearted side. I don't know where her energy was coming from at 10pm, but she was doing cartwheels and running around barefoot almost all night, and I thought that was refreshing and hilarious :)  What I really think is pretty cool about weddings is that it's about the families all coming together, getting to know each other and partying the night away. Ryan and Kristine created a really fun environment with Farris wheel rides for everyone (and let's be honest, at Calamingos, they have very relaxed rules) and just a very fun party atmosphere.

Special thanks to Alex and Sammie for being on our camera team!

Here are some of their vendors you can follow! @talorioneventmanagement @calamingos_ranch @wildfloradesign @shaysilver @sunnycakeshop @jennwhalenweddings