Felicia and Kris // The Reef

Felicia and Kris are the third Ma family wedding that we've had the pleasure to document, we love capturing this family! They got married on the deck of The Reef in Long Beach which had a stunning view. I enjoyed that these two put thought into keeping things sentimental and personal. The Ma family grew up in Long Beach, and in the background of the wedding party pictures is the aquarium where they had their first date. 

Guys listen up! If you want to make your bride fall in love all over again, get her a gift that shows that you are in it for the long run. Before the wedding, Kris gave Felicia a box with pre-written hand written letters for her to open during all of the milestone of marriage and life. He wrote a seperate letter for their one year annivesary, first big fight, fist child, first grandchild, 50th wedding anniversary and so on. There were so many letters! This gift was simple and showed his commitment. Felicia was balling and the make up almost came off! 

Wedding Corrdinator: @in2itiveweddings

DJ: Lord Advincula: @djislord and Chuck Nunley: @theoldsoulhfp

Slow-Mo Photo booth: IG: @alittlescene

Flowers: @floralandsgv

Felicia IG: felima88

Kris IG: kristofferchin 

Felicia and Kris' hashtag #MaChinDownTheAisle