Eric and Dalia // Estate on Second

Eric and Dalia went the extra mile and put a lot of their original ideas and personal taste into their wedding to make it their very own. Eric is a TV editor, so naturally he loves stories. Dalia is a huge movie buff as well and together watching B movies is their thing. But more importantly, they share the same taste and sense of humor. I could tell Eric had a lot of fun putting together these little details and really cared about the wedding. A lot of the decor was his own and I found that to be extremely endearing. They had posters made from all their favorite movies and custom designed letterpress printed invitations to match the theme. I think this close attention to detail and attentiveness extends into the way he cares for Dalia -- the way he got down on his knees and helped her with her shoes, the way he carefully handled the dress. I always notice things like that. During their vows, it's clear that they are each other's best friend and they respect and enjoy the time they spend together. Eric and Dalia, I know you two will have a lifetime of companionship and a happy marriage! Congratulations!