Sonny and Ceazar // Newhall Mansion

I felt very privileged to be a part of Sonny and Ceazar's wedding. The air was filled with a little more attentiveness, acceptance and compassion. With same sex weddings, I am able to bring stories to life that was not possible a few short years ago. It was truly incredible and inspiring to see the level of companionship and friendship I saw between them. I also like showing my brother these kinds of weddings because I think it gives him some confidence and reassurance that anything is possible. As Sonny's sister said in her speech, "Your relationship is so good, it's a little bit intimidating at times." That stood out to me because the standard has been set so high by these two. Most of us are told our entire lives that man + woman = whole. When you meet a couple like Sonny and Ceazar in person, and then see their slideshow of 10 years together, it's enough to change anyones perspective for the better. These guys are going to make great dads, and are going to have a life of happiness and silly times!