Katie and Adrian

I've known Katie since we were 5 years old.  She was one of my first friends in the neighborhood in Minnesota. Looking back on our childhood, it was a great one. There were distinct moments I remember such as dialing up her number on the telephone almost every day and asking, "Do you wanna play?" I remember playing Oregon Trail and watching some TV together, but we were mostly outside and more inventive. I remember we would have competitions to see who could make a bed and sleep in the most random place; the bathtub, the hot tub, the staircase. We were weird. We always had some sort of fort going and a "club" where we included and excluded various neighborhood kids in an ongoing basis. Long gone are the days of blasting Shania Twain through out the Lemmer house and clogging their toilet after school. I was super excited to make a trip back to Winona to document Katie and Adrian's special day. They were some of my first experimental models for an Ad that I put in Minnesota Bride Magazine a million years ago after I graduated from college. I dressed Katie up in this free wedding gown I got and had them do photos in the river. It was quite the photoshoot! I was happy to see them tie the knot in one of the most gorgeous scenic overlooks I've ever seen. Katie and Adrian, I wish you a lifetime of happiness! Thanks for choosing me, and thanks to Gunnar for being my second photographer! XO