Jennifer and Daniel // Palms Event Center Vineyard

Jennifer and Daniel are the sweet couple that are both happy and calm. Throughout the whole day it was effortless for them to relax and enjoy themselves. And jokingly, we all made it through the day without too much confusion since Dan and I have the same names! I love it when people aren't afraid to be playful and not take themselves too serious. For example, Jen loves Hot Cheetos! We had fun capturing some silly moments of that and things of that nature really lighten the mood for everyone. I also felt compelled to compliment their entire guest crowd. It was evident they surround themselves with really great people. Their guests knew when to be silent and respectful, and excitable when it was time to party. All around, there was a lot of awareness and support which can only lead to good things in marriage.   

Jen and Dan, we wish you the best and thank you for choosing us!