Heidi and Wilson // Baby Shower

It’s really fun to see a couple so excited to become new parents. Heidi and Wilson are starting a whole new chapter in their life — a whole new book actually, and their enthusiasm is palpable. Heidi is close with her family and friends and together they put so much effort into the decorations. Their theme was classic Winnie the Pooh and it was such a delight to photograph all the decor and people in their lives. Wilson is a chef and organized all the food, so between the decor and food displays, it was visual splendor. They set up some fun contests too such as guessing the circumference of Heidi’s current growing belly, and other fun activities that the guests could win prizes for. I love seeing couple’s take advantage of this particular moment and their first born child because it’s the most exciting time to indulge in this. I also made sure to take a lot of photos of their dog Wall-E since he will no longer be the center of attention!