Phuong and Gorden

Together, Phuong and Gorden have a quiet excitement that comes alive when they are around family and friends. They are comfortable being themselves and easily make each other laugh when they are together. I knew Phuong had a fun side when she rescheduled our meeting so she could go catch a Pokemon. And I knew Gorden had a silly side when I saw the 6ft tall cardboard cutouts he made for the reception of the two of them from a picture I took at their engagement session. Some of my favorite photos from the day was when Gordon went to open the bottle of champagne, the cork fell out unexpectedly, so he just went with it and sprayed it into the crowd. It was hilarious and showed him going with the flow. I’ve always thought that by the time the reception starts, people should feel wild and free and celebrate with all they’ve got, and Phuong and Gorden embraced their day and had the time of their life.

Phuong and Gorden, thank you for choosing us!