Haley and Michael // Lorimar Winery

Haley and Michael are from Chicago, but wanted a SoCal wedding, so they chose the beautiful Temecula area. For having a destination wedding, it was incredible to see the amount of people that traveled to celebrate with them. It's easy to tell the character of someone by who they surround themselves with and given the amount of friends and family that all traveled to support them, it's obvious that Haley and Michael have the ability to cultivate meaningful lasting relationships. Haley is so warm and friendly, a true pleasure to be around. She's appreciative when it's time to be grateful, and assertive when it's needed. I can already tell, she's going to be a wonderful wife to Michael. The reason photographing weddings such an honor and privilege is because I'm around genuine relationships and often times, the strength of a relationship is propelled forward by the groom. He doesn't necessarily need to ball his eyes out (although I did see his eyes well up during the best man speech), but showing attentiveness and a deep inner desire to go beyond himself and really make his bride happy is a very admirable quality and it doesn't go unnoticed!