Stephanie and Todd // Ethereal Open Air Resort

Stephanie and Todd, as well as their families, have a lot of different personalities and backgrounds, thus it was important for me to capture their day in a candid, natural way.  Everyone has such a genuine nature, despite their different ethnic backgrounds, which shows people hold all the same values at their core. Todd was lively, starting conversations here and there with ease.  Much like his mother, Todd was completely in his element, surrounded by friends and family.  He
had a delightful sense of humor, and a genuine way of making people feel comfortable in any situation.  Stephanie and her family were extremely thoughtful people, and organized so may small delicacies within the wedding weekend to show for it.  Stephanie’s sister managed all the door games and tea ceremony activities the day prior.  Seeing traditions carried on from generations was important and caring because they can be easily lost in our homogenous, melting pot culture.  Stephanie’s parents showed their appreciated by giving heirloom gifts and traditional necklaces.  On wedding day, while capturing moments of the bridesmaids opening gifts, you could see delight and gratefulness in their faces due to Stephanie putting a lot of thought into each gift back.  They all received different items based on their own interests and personalities.  Giving gifts like this was no easy task because it takes a lot of mental effort to remember small details of people. Stephanie seemed to have done this effortlessly over the years she had known her friends.  Last but not least, Stephanie’s sister and Maid of Honor win the award in my book for having the most memorable toast.  She reached out to Stephanie’s childhood, boyband crush, Lance Bass from NSYNC, and had him do a video recorded shoutout to Stephanie!  The look on her and Todd’s face…was speechless.  The crowd went wild.  It was a total surprise and was endearing.  I’m sure there was no shortage of effort to get a hold of  him to do the special surprise.  I loved it so much because it showed character in her family.  It was wholehearted in every good intention.  It was a wonderful weekend to be surrounded by family,
friends, and the kind of loving support that will gives Stephanie and Todd a great outlook to their new lives together.

Stephanie and Todd, thank you for choosing us!