Laura and Jonas // LA Athletic Club

Laura and Jonas had a classy wedding! They have timeless taste. When I arrived at her parent's house for the getting ready coverage, I was amazed by all the antiques and personalization they had in their home. It was full of photo frames and sentimental value. As I documented the day, I realized that Laura has this connection to classic taste and traditions but only if they hold strong value to her. She doesn't just go through the motions of rituals; it's a balance between pinpointing what she likes and doesn't like and beating to her own drum. Jonas is easy-go-lucky and a happy guy. He has the ability to gravitate toward good people and also reciprocate that good-hearted nature. These two have a great harmony and compliment each other well in spirit and personality. One of the things that stood out on their wedding day was the break between the outdoor photos and when the cocktail hour started. During the planning, Laura really wanted a long break sometime during the day. Her parents went the extra mile to make it more memorable and set the table and we all sat down and had this amazing Italian meal together. I've never experienced anything like this on a wedding day.  Describing their wedding in two words would be "classy and comfortable." From getting ready in the comforts of her childhood home, to the lunch after the ceremony, to having her sister be her maid of honor and small wedding party, Laura and Jonas made their wedding comfortable for themselves.

Laura and Jonas, Thank you for choosing me!