Ashli and Jojo // Pasea Hotel and Spa Huntington Beach

Ashli is a go-getter. She likes to come up with a creative vision and most of all, she likes to get everyone involved with those ideas. That’s unique because a lot of creative people like to go off on their own, but not Ashli. She enjoys the process of including all her friends and family. When someone has big ideas like her, you can’t help but want to make it all come to fruition. She’s also steadfast in wanting to follow through with all her ideas, even if there is some pain involved like standing in high heels and smiling for long periods of time to accomplish all the friends and family photos, or jumping into the freezing cold ocean for the engagement session. Jojo is equally ambitious, and lets her be a go-getter, which is necessary chemistry to have. He’s always at her side supporting the vision. Ashli and Jojo did a choreographed first dance, and I could tell they both really enjoyed exercising their creative muscles and doing this together. I think when two people can compliment each other’s ambition emotionally, mentally, physically and financially, there’s a harmony and force that will sustain itself for a lifetime.

Ashli and Jojo, thank you for choosing us!