Twin Cities Professional Networking Holiday Party!

The party was held at the old University St. Paul Athletic Club, which is now just called the University Club of St. Paul. (I could tell it was formally a "men's only" club since there was only a men's restroom in the lounge on the 3rd floor where we were at, so I had to go down all the way to the first floor to the restroom. The place was pretty neat and I'm glad I'm allowed in there! lol)All the table cloths and chair covers were provided by Linen Effects.

Kirk Holslin from Imagine Lights did the up-lighting on the windows. I'm a big fan of adding sweet colored lighting to any event!

The lovely and talented Brett Dorian and her crew from Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios pimped everyone out with hair and make-up for the evening's fashion show.

The gorgeous Elizabeth Hinke  from Mintahoe Catering and Events was also modeling one of the gowns for the fashion show. 

The handmade wraps are delicately crafted by Jules from Knit -n- Jules. These are a wonderful accessory especially for a winter wedding.

Head pieces, necklaces and bracelets were provided by Violet Victoria Jewelry and Silpada Jewelry.

Hailley getting her necklace bitten off by the fashion show coach ;)

rehearsing for the show...

Matt Sherry from Complete Music and Video and also who heads the Twin Cities Professional Networking Group announces the show.

I really wanted to do some photos of all the gowns by season despite having zero time to pose everyone. Thanks girls for your patience!

Spring 2011

Dena Marie Bridal & Tux

Summer 2011

Che Bella

Fall 2011

Raffine Bridal & Formal Wear

Winter 2011

The Wedding Shoppe Inc.

These girls are from the Swarm Performance Team.

The Stunning Hailley Leverty from L' event Bridal Consulting & Event Management was mulit-tasking! She was one of the coordinators that put the event together and also modeling one of the gowns. She also organizes the monthly TCPN events.

Carol from Little Fish Designs provided all the bouquets and and arrangements.

I got to take this one home!

Queen of Cakes provided the cake and the yummy treats! (Not gonna lie, I had more than I should have...)

Dale McDonough from Memory Box Photo provided the Photobooth! A MUST HAVE at any Party!

Unique 2 U put together a very cute candy display. I'm a huge fan of candy tables!

Lori Snyder from Veiled Events was also one of the coordinators that helped put the Christmas Party together. Her and Hailley coordinate the monthly TCPN events each month. (I had no idea Lori could rock out like that! Her and Elizabeth were my free entertainment for the night!)

All the sudden Matt Sherry starts rapping!

All around, the event was a success. I so humbled that this year I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in the industry and I can honestly say that everyone in these photos are my friends. I've gotten to know them and I would recommend them to anyone. I've really enjoyed going to the TCPN group every month and seeing everyone in a casual way. For me, I hesitate using the word "networking" because I automatically think of the quintessential pompous networking function where everyone has a cocktail and business card in had ready to blab their elevator speech to any poor soul walking by. I prefer to use the word "friendship building" because that's what it really is and I can't wait to grow my business with these wonderful people!

Happy Holidays! Cheers!