Minneapolis Engagement and Lifestyle Photographer: Jen and Cory

You might remember Jen and Cory from their wedding and from Jen's awesome pink dress. Again, I apologize that this is backwards! I had some pretty awesome engagement sessions this year and I want to do a blog post for all of them even though they are way past due.

One thing I really like about Jen and Cory is that they are playful together, quirky and have a great sense of humor. They were completely uninhibited and not afraid to be themselves.  It's always fun for me to learn about my couple's idiosyncrasies and the joys of how they interact. Cory and Jen were hungry right away so I photographed them having a beer and eating some fries before we 'officially' started, which turned out to be a really great idea!

Cory loves to make Jen laugh, so I just let him do this thang the whole time!

The spot where Cory proposed...

I Like You is a store in NE that sells hand made things from local artists. I found the place by paging through Crave Magazine. I thought their wall would be a cute place for photos.

I had to change my card in my camera and when I turned around, Cory had done this! He's too funny!