Minneapolis Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer: Ryan and Sara Engaged

Think of a couple that is tender-hearted, happy, and has a lot of enthusiasm for life and for their future. That is Ryan and Sara. They are wonderful people! They are not afraid to work hard to get what they want out of life. They pursue the dreams they knew they were meant to have. I for one, have extreme appreciation for people who value education and do what it takes to achieve their goals, and usually that means A LOT of hard work and endless hours. It's ok though, because the end result is always there, and it's knowing that you are doing something in this world that you care deeply about and you are making a difference in the world by doing it! Every time. And Ryan and Sara "get" that.We had a blast photographing in Nicollet Mall over the weekend. The mindset for engagement pictures is that everyone is relaxed and the focus is on having a good time. I love doing engagement pictures because it's all about the couple and building a relationship because I don't want to ONLY be just the photographer and hold the camera on the wedding day...I want to be your friend! And I want to know about you! And what makes you smile, giggle, and laugh! And what better way to do that then to hang out for a few hours and have fun together, right!? And Ryan and Sara totally get that! I'm so humbled to be a part of Sara and Ryan's love story :)