Love is the Killer App

On my plane ride to Vegas for WPPI, I read Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders I have made a list of books to read this year and I'm definitely off to a great start because this book is a must read for anyone wanting to learn how to grow their network by spreading the love. Tim Sanders talks about his coined term, Love Cat and how being a Love Cat will build your network tenfold. I've always been a huge believer that if you give a little, it comes back in ways unimaginable, so this way of thinking really resinated with me. Sanders talks about having honest compassion and not only helping others because it will benefit you, but because you WANT to help that person and see them succeed. Tim Sanders is definitely onto something I think. The biz-world is not what it used to's not functioning on shrewd business tactics where only the sharks survive, no, the ones who are flourishing are the ones who are nice, and smart. This is a very inspiring book that everyone can learn something from whether you are a lower level employee, mid-level, executive status, or self-employed, like me.