Show and Tell: My New Furniture!

I'm so excited to have finally finished my vision for the living room and dining area. When we moved here in May, my first priority was to get my client room in order. When I was thinking about how I wanted the place to look I wanted it to be very modern, graphic with orange accents and minimalistic....meaning absolutely no clutter such as knickknacks, bookshelves and all unnecessary embellishments. I've always loved the white and clean look of contemporary Art galleries and I wanted friends/clients/whoever comes into my place to have that same sort of experience: contemporary and modern with the emphasis on the graphic elements within the space. If you're wondering if it always stays this clean and looks this way, the answer is yes! I may be a super lousy cook, but I sure keep things spotless! 

The majority of the pillows are from The rest are from Crate and Barrel, Target and Ikea.

These are the prints that I took with my Holga of Dinkytown that I did about a month ago. If you want to look at them closer, click here. I got them printed through Nation's Photo Lab. They are mounted on foam core and have a metalic finish. Paper finishes are such a personality thing and I always thought of myself as a matte kind of person, but I really like metalic and glossy finishes lately.

This series is from my first photography project. I've had this up for a while.

I really can't take any credit for this part. The entertainment media center and surround sound is all David's doing. He's pretty proud of it :) We do a fair amount of entertaining and he had this pretty much set up the day after we moved in.

One of the reasons I like this place so much is because of all the modern elements and stainless steel everywhere, which prompted me to continue with that look in the furniture. The series on the wall here is from Cinco De Mayo last May in West St. Paul.

These photos are just extra so you can see what the kitchen looks like.