My Kelly Moore Bag!

This post is geared towards fellow photographers who visit my blog. (I just don't want other people to get bored reading this!) I've been wanting a Kelly Moore Bag since last year, and am so excited to get one for this next year!!!! Last year I actually manipulated a regular purse bag to be a camera bag, and although it looks fantastic and works as a camera bag, it just wasn't the same. I will continue to use it during weddings, but I will stop wearing it while I shoot because it doesn't have the shoulder strap to fit over my body while I'm shooting an engagement session or the couple's portraits outside during a wedding, so I was setting it down every time I wanted to take a photo because the bag would slip off my shoulder. As a result I was not able to be as spontaneous with my shooting and always having to keep an eye on my bag sitting on the ground behind me....not a good thing at all. SO, I've pulled the plug and am getting my first Kelly Moore Bag, which is functional AND looks fantastic. I truly believe that it is important to look your best while shooting and be as functional as possible, including attire and bag. Kelly Moore Bags have a range of beautiful womens' bags as well as some very nice looking mens' bags that have a very neutral look to them, so a woman can easily wear one if she likes a little more underrated look.

Photographers: If you would like $30 off your new Kelly Moore Bag, click here! Offer ends March 5th 2011!

This is the bag I'm getting! It was a tough decision between this and the dark grey classic bag. I don't ever like drawing too much attention to myself with bright colors, so this color will match my color scheme of whites, blacks and greys that I wear during engagement sessions and weddings. The best part is that it has a shoulder strap that extends over your body and comes with a comfortable pad.