Distinctly Debbie

I had the pleasure of photographing some bouquets for Distinctly Debbie this afternoon. For any vendors reading this, winter is an excellent time to get your product photographed if you need to update your portfolio. If you regularly have trouble getting images from the photographers during the wedding season, then it's all the more reason. (And I would be happy to photograph any product for portfolio updates) If you are a bride that still needs to seek out a florist and wants someone who can bring your vision to life, I highly recommend you check out what Debbie can do. Debbie is one of those hidden gem wedding vendors that will amaze you to no end...and these are just some of her bouquets, her ideas for table center pieces are super  hip, fun and fresh, and the small details that she adds really makes all the difference. She can easily do more traditional bouquets and center pieces with white roses and the like, but if you are excited to deviate from the super traditional, (which I'm a big fan of obviously) she's your girl. I just love here floral arrangements because they are so vibrant and really catch your eye.  

-I made these backgrounds about a year ago with these different fabrics that I had and I thought they would work well with the bouquets....something different than an on-location background would offer.

Debbie is such a sweetheart, she made this one for me :)