Minneapolis Photographer | New photos of myself

I wanted new photos for my blog and website that would reflect my style and brand: modern, minimalistic, stylistic and negative space. Tara Sloane took these photos as well as the photos from last year. I really like working with Tara because she doesn't get in the way of how I want things done. I had a very specific idea of how I wanted these photos to look ranging from poses to composition and I thank her a million times for being patient with me while I looked at the back of her camera a million times :) It's difficult to be the art director and the subject at the same time! We did this in Chris Meyer's studio because I really love his space. He has a nice big white wall that offers more than a boring sweep. He also has sweet Le corbusier furniture that I also used in my Valentine's shoot. I also incorporated the newspapers from that shoot as well. For the photos I'm wearing my favorite outfit (of course being stripes and my Frye boots!) and my glasses that I need to start wearing more but don't because I'm still in denial that I need them...

A couple days ago I came across these fantastic orange chairs and knew I had to use them in the shoot...they remind me of something you would find in an old public school faculty lounge.