Minneapolis Wedding Photographer | Alter Ego Concept Shoot

This is a concept shoot inspired by those vogue vintage storyboards. Distressed Susie homemaker tries to bake a cake while her alter ego has it made in the shade while two handsome men bake the perfect cake for her :) These fun little shoots that I've been doing lately are always such a creative outlet for me. I wanted to work with wedding vendors outside of commissioned work during the wedding season, so I thought this was a neat way to do so. I suppose this is art for art's sake. Obviously this isn't a typical concept shoot where I can add these to my wedding portfolio such as a lot of photographers are doing. Perhaps I should be doing more of that? Sometimes I don't know what to think about stuff like that.

-I love coming up with ideas for backgrounds that are minimal and quirky, so I chose an empty photo frame idea that are all crooked to convey the distressed housewife feel. Amie the model happened to have a vintage mixer and all other props I found at Target.

This could not have come together with the help of:

Brett Dorrian Artistry for hair and make up

Queen of Cakes for the 1950's round white cake (Queen of Cakes makes absolutely exquisite cakes and we mangled this one pretty badly, so this is not a reflection of their typical product.)

Wedding Shoppe Inc. for the 1950's look

Jessica's Cakes for the modern 3 tiered cake

Posh Bridal Couture for the modern dress

Lori from Veiled Events came up with the idea for the Alter Ego concept

Studio space provided by CM Photographics

Talent: Amie Kolesar, Chris Howe, Michael LeRoy Sherry Jr.