The Mad Poet: Concept Shoot

She's up all night trying to get the light bulb to turn on...

I try to do a concept/test/styled shoot (whatever you want to call it) once a month. They allow me to explore and be creative in between my commissioned work. I love creating a mise-en-scène and photographing the model in a quirky and lifestyle-like way. When it comes to concept shoots, I have figured out that I am not a high-fashion photographer, nor just a life style ideas are way too quirky for those categories. These little side projects are definitely editorial in nature, but I'm never sure how to categorize if anyone has any ideas on what I should call these shoots, let me know! For now, I just call them "concept shoots."

Another reason I love doing these is because I feel there's something very raw and beautiful about a couple of friends coming together and creating a shoot on nothing more than a shoe string budget. I can't help but think that these days are the good ol' days :)

People involved:

Brett Dorrian of Brett Dorrian Artistry for hair and make up (and lamps!)

Mycah Schrader (model) of Mycah Schrader Photography

Tara Sloane, who helped style the back wall with the writing on the post-it notes, and contributed props and her awesomeness :)

CM Photographics studio

Jennifer Whalen Photography for concept idea, styling and photography: Shot with available light to get that nighttime feel.