Minneapolis Wedding Photographer: Liz and Dustin

He saw her from across the room at one of the parties his fraternity brothers were having while they were both students at the University of Minnesota. He claims that he approached her to ward off a guy that he didn't care for that was talking to her, but I think it was probably just an excuse to meet her! If you ask me, I think it was love at first sight. After becoming instant friends because their personalities fit so well, they became each others' crutch during difficult times in both of their lives. It naturally changed the nature of their friendship and as their friendship changed, so did their romantic feelings towards each other. Dustin finally mustered up the courage to ask Liz out to a dinner and a movie at the St. Anthony Main Theater. A casual dinner, a game of pool and a movie ended with a twilight kiss in the rain. I think their first date resembles the character of these two so well: classic yet laid back. Liz and Dustin are easy going and fun people. We had so much fun doing their engagement photos down by the Stone Arch Bridge, which by the way, is one of my FAVORITE places to photograph. Liz and Dustin, I hope you two have a BLAST down in Jamaica for the wedding!