Minnesota Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer: Betsy and Mike

They locked eyes in the halls of their small hometown high school. He was 15. She was 16. After many shy glances in the hall, he asked a mutual friend for her number. That very same night, Mike got up the nerve to call Betsy and ask her out on a date. Although Betsy had never actually talked to Mike in person, she was intrigued by him. Immediately, they "just clicked." After hanging out almost every weekend for a month, Mike built his courage up enough to ask her to be his girlfriend and asked her to prom. She had to drive since Mike only had his learner's permit! After surviving the heart ache and earning the high rewards of having a long distance relationship through out college, six years later, the butterflies and excitement to see each other have never disappeared. Mike proposed. And she said Yes! Mike and Betsy are totally in love and its palpable. I can't help but think these two are the definition of the wholesome hometown American couple.  They have the perfect love story in the perfect small town American setting. Two young kids fell in love, snuggled on the bleachers together as they watched football games, dreamed about their lives together, and are now getting married. Simple and so ideal.

We had an absolute blast photographing around Betsy's house and their hometown. These two are truly adorable!

Betsy, Your eyes are so pretty!

Betsy's mom blocking the sun from their faces. She's super duper :)

The puppy made an unexpected appearance.

Besty and Mike met in high school and spent a lot of time at this stadium.

You two are so cute! 

I heart sunsets