Minneapolis Wedding and Life Style Photographer: Karen and Justin

They held hands as they walked along the the Colorado River. Desert mountains and shimmering water filled her eyes as he was trying to fill her heart by finding the perfect spot. As they walked, he scouted. He came across a few places, but "just didn't feel right." And then there it was. Everything was perfect: the place, the timing, and her. She was beautiful as she looked out onto the glistening river. Just as he was about to pour his heart out, an elderly onlooker ruined the mood...by farting....loudly...Of course he couldn't propose in those conditions, so they quickly got out of there and continued on their walk. Along their stroll,  she told him how excited she was to someday have more children with him. He may have found the perfect spot 50 ft back, but THIS was the right moment...so, he spun her around to face him, pulled out the little box with "the most beautiful ring" inside and asked her to marry him. And she said YES! While on their vacation, they spent the next few days enjoying the engagement alone. They didn't tell anyone until a few weeks later while at a family outing. To this day, they still joke about the elderly man ruining the perfect spot where he was about to ask the most important question of his life! I enjoyed this proposal story because I think the humor of it reflects the good humored nature of this couple. Anyone who is around these two for five minutes knows they have a good sense of humor. Justin makes Karen laugh, and any couple that can laugh together will last together in my opinion. They are so charming and sincere and I love that about them. They don't take the little things too seriously because they know what their priorities are and what's most important in life: family. They are both very family oriented and the transparency of that shows through their mutual dedication for showing love and support to each others' children.  They are wonderful parents and will continue their journey of parenthood with great promise.

Carrie and I had such a blast photographing this wedding. It's so important to have chemistry with the people that you work with. It makes all the difference in the world. I've had nothing but good luck with all the girls that I've shot with over the years. Having a second photographer to accompany the main photographer is really key. One photographer can get all the necessary shots, but the second photographer brings so much more to the table. They are able to get different angles, emotions and bring a different perspective to the story. Having those extra photographs makes a good story a great story. Thanks Carrie for all your hard work!

Ceremony and Reception: Millenium Hotel

Flowers: Le Petite Fleur

Cake: Muddy Paws Cheesecake