St. Paul Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer: Melissa and Ray Engaged

It was the kind of winter day that you would see in the movies. The temperature was just below freezing and the snow was falling lightly. I adore these kinds of days. I am such a hopeless romantic, and I can't help but think these frosted snow covered days are some of the magical days of the year. I'm not talking about below freezing, high winds, sleeting snow, dark clouds and temperatures that make your brain hurt after 2 seconds of being outside. I'm talking about days where kids are outside, laughing, playing and making snow angels while the white powdery snow is sprinkled onto them from above. And that's exactly what we did that day; we forgot about the world and were like kids playing in the snow. The city was our playground and we played hard. We ventured around downtown St. Paul with coffee and hot chocolate in hand. Our noses were pink and snow flakes in our hair. We could go anywhere and do anything. We found ice sculptures and Candyland, Christmas trees and kisses. These two are so sweet and I love them for playing with me that day!