Dain and Ashley

I had many Art classes with Dain in high school and the fact that he's still rockin the hearse hasn't changed a bit :) We went to Woodlawn Cemetery for their engagement session and as far as cemeteries go, Woodlawn is pretty impressive. It was built on a bluff and is actually quite beautiful. Dain was a regular encyclopedia on this topic and even though I knew about this place my whole life, I learned a lot more! He also brought along some of his vintage cameras which I am quite jealous of! (I don't own a single vintage camera!) -In the past five or six years, weddings have changed A LOT. People are adding in their own personal touches. Long gone are the days where you feel a lot of pressure to do things the way your mom did in that trite cookie cutter way. This is one of the most exciting things about photographing weddings: I get to see how each couple personalizes their wedding.  I wasn't only happy to see Dain and Ashely together, I was happy to see that after all this time they still aren't afraid to be themselves fully and unapologetically. They wanted to do their engagement session in a cemetery because that's what they find interesting and I was all for it! Anything new and different, I am definitely up for! And I wouldn't be surprised if the hearse makes an appearance at the wedding....

-I used a tilt-shift lens for a lot of these photos. A tilt-shift lens has the ability to change the vertical and horizontal planes of focus causing it to "evaporate" such as the first photo. If you ever see another image like this, it's the lens I'm using, not photoshop :)

Thanks for choosing me Dain and Ashley! Cheers!