Minneapolis Wedding and Life Style Photographer: Heidi and Adam

She was packing the last few odds and ends for their romantic vacation to Mexico when he had arrived home from work. As she finished her last little duties and was lounging on the couch, he came out into the living room with a few presents. The first one was a small little box....so she opened it up....and found her favorite perfume inside. Not knowing what to think about that, she opened the second present and found a bottle of her favorite wine. She looked up at him as he held up the ring and said, "It's for a special occasion...will you marry me?" Shocked and surprised and feeling very unattractive since she hadn't showered and was still in her pajamas, she gasped, "NOW?...NOW!?!?...Oh My God, NOW!??!?" He kept on repeating, "Yes, NOW!...Yes, NOW!" After a few moments, she couldn't help but say, "Yes!" She couldn't believe what was happening in front of her eyes. One of the things that's so appealing about Heidi and Adam's relationship is that they are so at ease around each other. They have a certain casualness in their interactions that let's you know they are perfectly comfortable with one another. Heidi and Adam are so appreciative and I love this about them! They let Carrie and I have total freedom over the Art direction during the day, which I am always so thrilled about. Couples that give me total trust are the purest reminder of why I absolutely love being a wedding photographer and why I wouldn't trade it for anything. Heidi and Adam already exchanged vows in Las Vegas so their Minnesota wedding had a Las Vegas theme which was very fitting. Congratulations you two!