Twin Cities Wedding and LifeStyle Photographer: Calie and Mike

They were destined to eventually be together.  After hardly noticing one another, let alone speaking to one another during 8 weeks in the same intense gross anatomy class standing just feet away from each other, she finally locked eyes on him while he performed his original piano piece during a school related celebration. Having such an appreciation for the Arts, she knew she had to meet this multi-talented musician. But alas, the stars don't always line up when you think they should. He was already taken.  As time went by, just when she figured he wasn't ever to be in her crossing path,  he became single and a mutual friend encouraged her to attend one of his musical gigs at a local bar. After seeing him play, she once again became smitten with him. She was absolutely drawn to him. She had confirmed with herself that she needed to have this man in her life! It was one of those classic right-brain, left-brain attractions where the chemistry is just right. After an uncanny number of small group classes together, they had the chance to see each other more and more on a regular bases. Finally, it was the breaking point. With a shaky voice, trembling hands and sweaty palms, she had all she could do to muster up the courage to pick up the phone and let him know that if he ever wanted to hang out, she would be up for it....And then she waited....After hundreds of glances at the phone wanting it to ring, multiple tubes of chap stick from biting her lower lip, and eons and eons of time, he finally called after two days! He wanted to go on a date! She literally screamed for joy with her roommate after she hung up the phone and the rest is history! Mike and Calie are the kind of people that make the world a better place with their unconditional love for mankind. Mike is an emergency medicine resident and Calie is a pediatric resident. These two fall into the category of "very dedicated people I know." They understand what it's like to work their tails off and not loose sight of their goals, because in the end, they know they are better for it since they are able to live out their dream and help people who are in need. When they are not in their "workaholic mode" they know how to relax and enjoy life. They are so very fun spirited and light-hearted at the core. From the sounds of it, Mike is a very talented musician and I can't wait til he releases his album that's in the works at the moment! Or perhaps he's working on an original piece to play for Calie at the wedding ;) ....I can never be sure of these things...(my mind is always working in romantic mode).  In any case,  I am so fortunate to have met them! Enjoy a little of Calie and Mike!