Minnesota Wedding and Life Style Photographer: Brent and Elise Engaged

She moved to Arizona to attend a winter exchange program through Mayo. Thinking that she would spend the rest of the winter stationed by the poolside, drinking Cosmos and ultimately working on her tan, the universe had something different in mind for her. Three days later as she was unpacking, her roommate suggested they go out with some of her friends. That night, she met the man of her dreams. There was something different about this guy. There was an immediate attraction, something that she couldn't resist about him. She knew he was the one! And it just so happened that he was originally from Rochester! It was perfect timing and perfect chemistry! On Valentine's Day, he asked her out to their first romantic dinner date, and a week later, he asked her to be his girlfriend! However, by March, the exchange program had ended, she had to say her good-byes, and move back to Rochester. They were heart-broken. As they soon realized that their long distance relationship would eventually wither and torment their souls, he decided to take action, and move back to Rochester to be with her by summer time. They continued their relationship, fell deeper in love, until one day, he proposed... Brent and Elise are such a fun loving couple! One thing I noticed right away is that Brent loves to makes Elise laugh, and it's the most adorable thing in the world! I can't say enough times that I truly believe that a couple who enjoys laughing together, stays together! It's the one characteristic about a person that's so hard to find I think. There are oodles of attractive people out there with good personalities, but finding someone who you can laugh with at the end of a long day is really special.

This was practice for their July 4th weekend wedding. We did maybe...30 TAKES of this! Getting the heart just right isn't easy!!