Minnesota Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer: Brent and Elise Married

She was exhausted after a long night shift at work. All she wanted to do was snuggle in her bed and fall asleep, but she felt bad about breaking their lunch date, so like a zombie, she grabbed a coffee and held it together. She got in the car when he arrived at her house. Before they left, he had a sudden urge for a drink of water, so he went inside for a moment, not thinking anything of it, she patiently waited in the car. After they finished eating at their favorite restaurant,  they went back to her place. Upon stepping foot in the kitchen, there was a little ceramic frog sitting on the counter...(the same frog that's pictured below)...having a slight obsession with frogs, she picked it up right away and noticed there was hinge on the back. Being at her caffeinated zombie intelligence level of comprehension, she still didn't get it. Thinking to herself that this was very cute jewelry box indeed, she opened it and found a ring inside. He then dropped to one knee and asked for her had in marriage! She was beyond surprised and of course she said yes! And then she finally went to bed...a very happy lady! Brent and Elise are total cutie pies together! Even my second photographer, Carrie, said, "Wow, I can't believe how into each other they are!" It's so true. Their happiness shined through and the emotions were free flowing in this wedding. They truly had it all--laughter, happy tears, sad tears, love, excitement, color, fear, beauty, family, friends, and of course let's not forget the ORANGE details! This wedding is no doubt a July Wedding: BIG AND BRIGHT!

It was a blast you guys! Congrats!

I have been craving these cupcakes ever since Saturday. Last night, I literally had a dream about the purple one...