New office paint job!

For the past year and a half my office/client room was an eggshell color with the accent wall being a couple shades darker and it made the room feel a little too dark and small. I don't recommend painting smallish rooms any shade of violet.  This year I was ready for something a bit more bold and a little more "me." The rest of the walls are white with just the accent wall being striped. Putting BLACK paint on my walls was really intimidating at first, almost like it felt "wrong," but I'm glad I decided to go with paint and not wallpaper! My tips for painting stripes would be to invest in a laser level, take time to do the math and measuring  to make sure the lines are proportional and straight. You have to buy special tape for stripes, so make sure you are buying the right kind. Make sure to tape the ceiling as well. This helps with "cutting." If you are going to be a perfectionist on any project, this is the one. Use a roller to spread the paint on in the middle and don't paint into the tape. This prevents "weeping."  Buy a very small artist brush with a flat edge to do touch ups with to perfect the lines if there happens to be any weeping.

p.s. This photo was taken with my new 17mm tilt shift lens!