I'm so excited to announce my new logo! For a while now I've wanted a different logo that was more "me." The last one I had was decent, but I designed it myself and it was a little on the safe and boring side. Not to mention I have very little graphic design experience. I knew I had to work with an actual graphic designer to get the elevated look that I was ready for. I wanted my new logo to have the same clean and minimal look but with a little more twist. My talented graphic designer Kathleen Tolmie came up with this logo and I am IN LOVE with not only the design itself but the District font as well. It's crazy how many hours go into logo creation and all the little tweaks that happen along the way, but we finally got it done! Kate has also been helping me on another much bigger project that I will hopefully be announcing around the beginning of January. I highly recommend Kate to anyone wanting a more elevated look to their logo and brand. A lot of photographers, including myself up to this point, try doing everything themselves. I think that's fine if you are still trying to figure out who you are as a photographer and figuring out your brand, but once you do, invest in a graphic designer. It's money well spent!

I will be using this first logo on my new business cards (more about that later) and the second one on everything else.