Imagezine Vol. 3

If you haven't had a chance yet to look at my newest Imagezine, head over to my new website or click here. For the last two years I have been producing a magazine that works as promotional material for potential clients. For the newest volume, I decided that I was ready to have a designer's input. Kathleen Tolmie took the reins on the design and I love what she came up with! Since I loved the design so much I wanted to have a digital copy for people to see. I always have hard copies printed which is pretty hard to beat, but I love that I can view it digitally too. It's always so rewarding to see progress. My first Imagezine was 8 pages, my 2nd Imagezine was 16 pages and the newest one is 20 pages which qualifies for the saddle-stitching, so it will be bound together like an actual magazine instead of folded with staples. I'm so excited to see the printed product of Vol.3!

Click on the image to go to the Imagezine!