Swanky new business cards!

I'm so excited to share my new business cards and stationary! Is it normal to be obsessed with one's own business cards? It's been a while since I've totally geeked out over something like this!  Anyway, my incredibly talented graphic designer Kathleen Tolmie designed the logo and front and back of the card. It was my goal this year to have a memorable business card and I knew right away that I wanted it printed on crazy thick letterpress paper and of course I had to have edge painting too! I also knew that I wanted them to be standard size. I'm very partial to things being standard sizes. I don't think anyone needs square, circular or any irregular sized card to stand out. But I do think that good design and having it printed on interesting material matters a lot. I love the way letterpress looks and how the impression of the letters feel, and that aesthetic doesn't go unnoticed.  As I was handing out some of these cards last weekend, someone told me they were "bad-ass," haha. I wasn't expecting that at all, but the point is that there were several reactions. Out of the hundreds of business cards that people are handed through out a year, I wanted mine to stand out and become an extension of myself and the ideas that I embrace: minimalism, less is more, good design, high quality and modernism. I also had some matching letterpress stationary made to compliment my new card.