Twin Cities Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer: Melissa and Ray Married

He told her to wear something special for their date night. As she was scrounging around her closet, clothes flying everywhere in order to find the perfect dress, perfect shoes, etc. she had a hunch at what was to come. They had visited all of their favorite little places that they went to when they first started dating....Como Zoo, watching planes land at MSP Airport before they ended at the W.A. Frost for diner; the restaurant they went to for their first Valentine's Day...only this time, they were sitting at the "Lucky Table" where a dozen roses were waiting for her. The table that, according to the serving staff is the table where "she never says no." After a fabulous dinner, the same server from their first date brought out dessert along with a silver platter with a little box perched on it surrounded by rose petals. He picked up the box to reveal the engagement ring....and of course, being at the lucky table, he was now a lucky man! Melissa and Ray are those classy types that love with everything they've got. They are both so gracious and Melissa is so elegant. Throughout the day, I was so grateful that Melissa and Ray gave me total artistic freedom. I always feel so honored and appreciated when couples let me decide the direction of their photos on one of the most important days of their lives. It's a huge responsibility and I am totally humbled to be a part of it.

Thanks for choosing me Melissa and Ray! You guys are so sweet and kind and I am so happy for you!

I hesitated taking this particular kind of jumping photo, and then I hesitated again about showing it...but I just had to try it. It's not for everyone, but I like how strange it looks.

Ray wanted her to have one more piece of cake...

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