Back from South Africa

Hello All! I'm back! Wow, it sure was an amazing adventure and it sure went fast! I have so many photos to go through that it's a little overwhelming, so I thought I would start with just one :) David and I had the time of our lives together and I will always look back fondly on this trip. For me this trip was all about experiencing something new and living in the moment. It was such a breath of fresh air to get away from Facebook, Twitter, the blog and the internet in general. I only checked my email periodically to make sure I wasn't getting too behind. I think sometimes we can get a little too wrapped up in our computer screens and our own small worlds. I never want to forget that there's a whole big world out there and it's just waiting for me to explore it :) This trip was a challenge for me in a couple of different ways, first of all I brought only a small backpack with me for the entire time, and keep in mind 3/4ths of that space was taken up by my camera gear! There wasn't any extra room for my usually supply of make-up, beauty products in general or a large variety of clothes, and at times, showering got a little away from me (whadda hippie, I know). To be honest, I really didn't mind living that way. Everything was just very natural, honest and simple. No extra. No fluff. We ended up doing a lot of hiking, which I wasn't originally planning on but I'm so glad we did because I realized that I really enjoy it! David really enjoyed it and surprised himself too. We didn't do extreme mountain climbing or anything like that, but it was challenging still. There was something that really resonated with me when I was climbing up all those cliffs. It's like the more I did it, the more the world made sense to me. :) In a way, climbing a rock can be a very emotional thing: at certain times it's so intense and exhausting all you can think about is watching your next step. It forces you to concentrate on that single moment in time and all that's going through your head is that you can't give up. I mean really, it a literal translation of life: the steps you take and the process to get to the top is just as thrilling as when you get there and in some cases, more meaningful. Of course I've heard this metaphor before, but I didn't really understand how emotional the experience could be. This photo was taken while eating lunch after we climbed up to the top of the Amphitheater in the Drakensberg area and was taken by Jan (Yahn) Hillert and awesome friend we met along the way. I plan on doing several blog posts on the trip through out the summer, so you'll have to stay tuned. I'm literally hitting the ground running as I'm gearing up for the wedding season to start in just a few short days and as always, my clients come first, however I'm hoping that my next blog post will be the test shoot that I did in Cape Town, so keep your eyes pealed!