Twin Cities Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer: Chantelle and Ryan

He caught her eye on the beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. He was there on a boys get-away. She was there on a rather spontaneous decision to take a much needed break, work on her tan and read. Little did she know that relaxing was the last thing she was going to do that week! Luckily enough, him and his crew were lodging at the same resort as her, so she noticed him again by the poolside later that night. However, this time, she knew she had to take the initiative...and much to his two buddies dismay, they were inseparable for the next three days during which they celebrated the most memorable St. Patrick's Day for both of them. They danced in the street till dawn and never left each others' sides. When it was time for him to leave, they had had way too much fun together to say their good-byes so soon. She knew that their connection went deeper than the typical euphoria brought on by vacation time.  So, she asked if she could visit him in Minnesota sometime soon. He agreed. On her first visit, she was more beautiful than he remembered, and he knew then that this was going to be more than just one visit. For the next four months, they climbed mountains both literally and physically over the Canadian Rockies to see each other. The end result was selling her condo, quitting her job and selling most of her possessions to move to from Alberta Canada to Minneapolis to be with her love...and she has never looked back. On a beautiful fall day in Minnesota, he proposed by carving it into a pumpkin that they had picked out together on one of their dates. It said, "Marry Me?" And the rest is a storybook love. Ryan and Chantelle's wedding was sprinkled with aspects from their love story and topped with accents of their own personal style and taste which makes for very meaningful details. They both wanted to get married outdoors, so their first choice was on the beach, but instead, they brought the beach to them at the Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN. The seashell curtain that hung at the ceremony, was all done by hand from shell necklaces. The monstera leaf table cloths and bamboo chairs were to give the rustic barn a beachy vibe without being kitch. 21 seashell chandeliers hung from the ceiling to sparkle into the night. Chantelle's personal life long collection of shells adorned all the tables and were hand wired into all the bouquets. She wanted her bouquet to look like what a mermaid would carry, and had 3 types of orchids, anthurium and cottage roses in it. Scabosia pods were reminiscent of sea urchins in all the bouquets as well. The ladies carried lady slipper orchids and uhele fern flown in from Hawaii. Other flowers from Hawaii, were king protea, ginger, anthurium, monstera leaf, and sexy pink Heliconia. This represents their love of all things tropical and the fact that the bride is a florist, made it easy to want to showcase flowers that were more exotic. They had a props area, with Sombreros and Marachas to keep the suggestion of Mexico in their wedding. That is why too, churros were served for dessert! Ryan also said early on in their relationship that Chantelle was the girl who held the key to his heart, and thus the key theme through the entire wedding from the invitation, programs, decor and bridesmaids jewelry. Other more abstract details included empty photo frames large and small dangling from branches to make for a very whimsical mood.