Wearhouse District: Lifestyle shoot

This was a fun shoot that I produced and shot last Sunday. This year I've made a few changes with my work hours: I'm challenging myself to not do any client work on Sundays, but instead shoot for myself. Any self-employed person knows how difficult it can be to say "no" to working late hours and on holidays and weekends. However, what I'm figuring out about myself is that I manage my time better, am more productive and in the long run, more creative if I set rules for myself. Shooting for myself on Sundays has been a really fun and inspiring way for me to spend my day off  weather its a more involved shoot where a lot of production needs to happen or just simply taking photos around the city with my Holga. Having amazing talent to work with and a crew that rocks is so essential to pulling off a great shoot! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this!

Talent: Ana Christina, Alexander, Meghan , Twee, Luke  - Ignite Models

Make up and Hair: Sarah Elizabeth Artistry

Assistant/ninja: Ramon Moreno

Producer and photography: Jennifer Whalen Photographer